Open VMS Products

Most Digitronics products run under the OpenVMS™ operating system using Alpha based computers from Compaq Computer Corporation. Our packaged combination of centralized hardware, operating system and application software, provides a cost effective solution for large school districts. Digitronics provides source code to these extensive products, so these systems can be modified to meet specific needs.

Student Administration (SSEA): Demographic Data, Multi-track Attendance Accounting, Mark Reporting, Course History and Transcripts, Graduation Requirements Tracking, Fully Interactive Class Scheduling, Student Fee Tracking, Immunization, etc.

Library and Textbook Tracking: Bar-code or manual entry for check-in, check out, and inventory; bar-coded photo-ID; media search; overdue and collection notices; automatic fine calculation; inter-library searches and loans; give students access to their academic records from library workstations; integrates with SSEA.

Teacher Access: Attendance, Mark Reporting, Student Information.

Business and Human Resources Administration: Accounting, Purchasing, Stock Inventory, Receiving, Work Orders, Personnel Demographics, Position Control, Credentials, Salary Calculations, Benefits.